keskiviikko 6. elokuuta 2008

Hello Earth People

Weird moods.
A lot of headaches.
Some frustration.
So: basic studio working.

Maybe the album will be finished one day.
One beautiful day. Hopefully.

But in the meantime - go to see the new Batman!
What a performance! The Joker I mean.
What a shame.
Such an actor...

My sentences seem to be quite short(ish) today.
I'm in a haiku mood I guess..

Ahhh, you can write haikus too!
Who's gonna be the first one?


5 kommenttia:

sabena kirjoitti...

relax dear Anu...
ha! what a coincidence
i had just seen it!

yes, it was pretty great ;D

Erica kirjoitti...

Haha! That was priceless and the best blog posting. I thought while reading it "Wow, Jaani sure does have a strange vibe today" haha

I want to see Batman...looks like it's going to be this years top movie for sure.

And it is sad to have all this come about and HL not being here but I wonder if those who create some how understand that part...that their work lives on and they do too.

I just wondered if the Batman movies might now be linked to any misfortune that happens to the actors in them. Much like Superman movies or horror movies.

Sending tons of creative energy to you all working hard in the studio :)

Burning the midnight oil...

We need some more Haikus haha

chio kirjoitti...

I haven't been able to see Batman yet, but I will..., some day, I hope so.

and keep on with the hard works

kisses to everyone.

Erica kirjoitti...

It's been too quiet haha
the paper and an online newspaper were talking about Haikus the other day and posting some really funny but naughty ones.
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and another belated birthday wish to St. Jaani ;)

Erica kirjoitti...

Ohh PS...
Big Congrats to Iconcrash for being the featured artist on!