lauantai 28. kesäkuuta 2008

Enlighted dude.

I have been listening to raw mixes of the songs I have been working with this week, and I am really happy about the way they sound. We are like going back in time with this album and getting closer to the sound I was working with two years ago, when the sessions for this album started. Like a circle closing in on itself. We have recorded a rock album, but now it is turning into an electronic pop album... Haha. In the spirit of Sneaker Pimps, Depeche Mode, NIN, Björk, Ladytron etc.
So I have been working with some kind of re-mixing attitude with the tracks we have recorded, and now I have 4 songs with a sound that makes me really happy. Now it feels like we are working with a real Iconcrash album, and a little brother of Nude album. I have also written a lot of new material lately. It is just coming out of me like a flood, but I think it is because of this feeling that finally I know how the album should sound. 

This nice soundtrack cd will be out next month in US.

maanantai 16. kesäkuuta 2008

Hi mister and sir lady...

We have been working on a few songs with Pauli Rantasalmi and we have had some really nice time here at the studio and the songs are already sounding pretty fucking cool. We weren't that happy with the versions we already did so now we are working with the new versions. Of course my horse. The album is taking a more electronic direction now. It just sounded a bit boring so we didn't want to start mixing it yet and we simply don't want to do boring albums. Nope. We are now working with Everlasting and Sleeper and once we are done with these Antti should mix Strange, Strange dark Star. It sounds right already.

But the most important thing is that I don't drink diet coke anymore. Now my drug of choice is coffee. And H2Oh Apple! Fucking hell that is cool stuff!