perjantai 29. helmikuuta 2008

keskiviikko 27. helmikuuta 2008

Back in business.

Jihaa!!!! Tomorrow we are finally back in studio. Last night we had last rehearsals together and even mighty mr Eräkangas was there checking out the new tunes.

From tomorrow we will spend something like two months at the studio and then the album should be ready. Oh yeah... I hope Xena is ready for the action again. Ok she looked ok yesterday when we were there and I might go there tonite too to try few ideas on the songs we recorded in the last sessions.

Ok... These pics are not from yesterday they are from Sunday when Anu and Matti were sick. Well Anu is still sick. Poor girl...

keskiviikko 6. helmikuuta 2008


Those of you (specially Finnish ones) who are interested in seeing me talking about my last year's Master's thesis - videogame music - should watch Tilt.TV on SubTv this week. Yesterday was already the first showing but SubTv is showing the reruns today, Saturday and Sunday. And tomorrow there should be a longer version of the interview on their website (that all non Finns can watch too :) But it's in Finnish so maybe there's no point..) Choose Tilt.WebTv on the left and then the episode is 03-08 and my part is called GAMESTYLE.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


Ps. Our rehearsals are going great and we'll have some really great songs for the rest of the album! Can't wait to get to the studio!!!