lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2007

Rhythms and songs

Some new video material. Enjoy!

Back again - Selkä taas !

So - here we are again! Or have been couple of days already. I'm starting to feel better but Jaani is still sick and can't sing. And that sucks because the vocals are the main thing we should be doing now. Ose was here yesterday playing something.. umm.. dunno exactly what. ;D Jesse is at home in bed enjoying quite high fever - so we're all more or less feeling not-so-ok. Hopefully next year will be better for us..  And of course it will because WE'RE GONNA RELEASE OUR KICK ASS ALBUM!!! 

Antti is so exited about 24's 6th season that he's watching it all the time and NEGLECTING HIS WORK! Addictions can hurt you and the people around you..


sunnuntai 23. joulukuuta 2007


Anu just left home and we are freaking out with the sounds with Antti. I have my old beloved PC here now too and I am raping some stuff there and then import that stuff to Pro Tools. I just didn't remember how evil that little computer can be. Well you know PC:s... I should continue singing in few minutes. We started with "Eye Of The Storm" last night and we should continue with it and then maybe start with "Sleeper". Tomorrow I meet santa( I hope) and we are back here 26.12. again...


I'm off

My keyboards are done for now and I'm heading to my Xmas vacation! Today we did some great stringy things and hanged around with Xena. Jaani will put a video here later I think. :)

I hope you'll all have a Wonderful Christmas time!
We'll be back here in a few days.
Over and Out.


lauantai 22. joulukuuta 2007

Last instrument

Ok folks, Jaani is pumping himself up with the medicine and is about to start singing. Let's see what happens.. (it's not so much fun to sing while being sick..)



Mellotron madness. Today i was ment to start singing but I am way too tired and sick for that. Maybe tomorrow...

Morning Glory

Saturday morning. New day, new tricks. We've been recording the keyboards for 3 days now so I've finally got into work, wohoo! :) Still haven't got rid of the flue though.. But that hasn't kept us away from creating some WonDeRfuL sounds to our songs which now sound better than ever! (at least that's my opinion)

I have 2 new best friends: beautiful red Nordwave synth (that you can see on the video) and Roland V-synth. I'm trying to figure out how to steal them for myself...

Ok, now I have to get back to work, Jaani is yelling something.. I'll update more later! Bye!

torstai 20. joulukuuta 2007

New Banner

Today we are still recording keyboards. I shot some video footage yesterday but I haven't got time to edit it yet. Our precious recording engineer Antti is supporting Marilyn Manson with his band Happiness tonite here in Helsinki so he haven't been around today, but we are used to work by ourselves so nothing stops us. I just actually showed Anu how to record her own keyboards so that I could come here and relax for a while. it's been a long day already, because we started really early today. I wanna go to see Mr. Eräkangas playing tonite and maybe that Manson dude too... We have some really cool new keyboard gear here and you will see them tomorrow when I edit the footage. 
All the best!

keskiviikko 19. joulukuuta 2007

maanantai 17. joulukuuta 2007

This is how Matti's guitar sound looks like:


escaping the demons

I woke up today and realized one thing...
...some strange things have started to happen to me after those videos that we made from the studio. I'm pretty sure that we pushed the joke too far, coz every note i've gotten out from my guitar has been diatonic. and the right term for the interval is "diabolus in musica" ...oh my... is there explanation for these things?
Anu working.
Thy shall find the Holy Grail...
Matti playing "Eye Of The Storm". Antti posing like Aristoteles.

sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2007

Hanging Around

Sunday. Studio. Some of us having a hangover. But not me - oh no! I spent my Saturday evening at home like a good citizen, playing Guitar Hero II (got my first five star review!) and reading Star Wars comics plus enjoying my nice longlasting irritating flue. And I still am. And that's why I've been trying to stay away from the others in the studio that they don't get this ANNOYING FLUE too!!!

Today's Business Shortly: HariboMatti has been playing the guitar, AnttiTheSuperProducer has been recording that, CameraKeke has been taking pictures, JaaniTheTraveller has been making the video you can see here and I've been making some arrangements (that maybe end up to our album. Or not.) and watched Gilmore girls (the seventh season is SUCH a disappointment..). And everyone has been eating and eating and eating. I think the boys are getting pizzas soon because it's Pizza Sunday. I rebelled and had already Chinese Sunday.

I'm just waiting and waiting and waiting to get to play the keyboards... But next week maybe. Next week.

Today I suffer. I visited Tallinn (Estonia) yesterday and I think there have been something wrong with my drink, because I feel really sick...

perjantai 14. joulukuuta 2007


Today we play guitar. We shall not speak or write. We just play and maybe drink some blood of virgins. 

torstai 13. joulukuuta 2007

Video shit 13.12.07.


Hi folks,
I'm at dynasty studios with Jaani. We're starting to produce some amazing sounds from our guitars. That's fine, coz I've been trying to reach my inner princess to make this session so big that after 1000 years people on the street will talk about this day.  My motional condition is very good, and some might say that it's perfect. Ok, seriously. I hope that we get something on tape tonight. The studio it self is great and the feelings of the songs will be captured here perfectly. I'm almost finished with my banana so I have to end this break and get back to work. So I'll tell you later how this magnificent day went. 

keskiviikko 12. joulukuuta 2007


Matti and Me

Helsinki/Gloria 1.12.07
We Played few gigs (Milan, Bologna, Turin, Turku and Helsinki) To first of all try the new tracks with the live audience and second reason was to check out how things go with Matti (new guitar guy) and before the gig in Helsinki we decided he is now our official member. Jihaa!!!

Ose and Antti

It is finally began! We started from the beginning with album last week and now we have recorded drums and basses for five songs. Those songs are:
Strange, Strange Dark Star
My Sky
Eye Of The Storm
Antti Eräkangas and me at the Dynasty Studios

We have spent like 2-3 years with this album already and recorded something like 80 demoversions and I wrote more than 100 songs for the album. We have tried different ways to work with these songs and we made our mind and we will record just an honest band album. I can do my electronic experiments elsewhere now when Iconcrash is really five members and not my solo thing anymore like with the Nude.