sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2008


Hello everybody! Here we are mixing at the Dynasty. Now we are working with song called Faith and it should be the ending song of the album. Slow and long song like ending song should be. Ok it is only my opinion, but I think it is pretty perfect for that.
Anu is also visiting here and Matti should come here tomorrow. Antti mixed "When The Lights Go Out" earlier this week and hopefully tomorrow or in next few days we start working with Never Ever. I was going to drop it from the album already but our A & R Pauli wanted it on the album and I am happy for it because after I fixed it a bit it started to sound amazing. Pop track from hell. I did some weird programming for it and I also recorded some new guitars with Timo Tolkki and now it rocks.
Ok but anyway the album will be ready in two-three weeks and then we will have parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hiya from me too!
I'm fighting here with my Mac, trying to get it working so that I could use it in our future gigs..! Now it's starting to look more promising. Yesterday I was about ready to throw it to the wall.. Well, anyway, the song Antti is mixing right now, Faith, is one of my favorite songs (specially when playing live) and I think too that it's a perfect ending for the album.

Remember to enjoy the autumn!
It's my favorite season. ♥


By the way there will be our new song on this compilation cd so check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Turtzik kirjoitti...

Keep the faith, as Bon Bon Jovi put it. I remember lifting my lighter for Faith at the TrashFest. Liking the feel it had, the slow tumble down the rabbitholes of melancholy.

-jaani- kirjoitti...

Actually the song is about a rabbit called Faith. Ok maybe not.

Turtzik kirjoitti...

We will never know.

-jaani- kirjoitti...

You shall never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Only Jahve knows. Or Jaani.

-jaani- kirjoitti...

And Illuminati.

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Woe is the average consumer who has no information on spiritual guidance. At least I've gotten some schaisse written down during this deathtrap of boredom.

Erica kirjoitti...

It is so good to check the blog and be welcomed with an update and to see that the Saint and the goddess of the keys are both doing well. Minus the wicked Mac

Big congrats on the Mama Trash cd! I look forward to getting to listen to the song. And the birth of the Enochian Devices cd keeps getting closer and closer.

Too funny about the rabbit...there use to be a story about a rabbit that was missing a foot perhaps that was Faith since so many people use to carry the rabbit's paw for good luck.

I love the photo. It has a ghostly vibe.
As they once use to say...
Godspeed and hugs,

-jaani- kirjoitti...

Here we are still mixing the damn song... I think it is the fourth day with this one and a long one too. Too damn long because it feels like there is two zombies wondering around here. Ok at least one because Antti is just mixing and I am watching Project Runway here at the sofa...