maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2008

we celebrate

hi you!

thanks for being with us for all this time!

now that the album is mixed i wrote a sweet poem to celebrate it!
it goes like this:

"oh, my
what have we done,
oh, dear
the album of the year.

oh, oh
don't judge me yet
my, love
it's the album you need to get"


11 kommenttia:

-jaani- kirjoitti...


sabena kirjoitti...


oh don't mind Jaani...

it has been toooo long! great to hear from you and thanks for the poem! so sweet ;)

tsk tsk jaani, you should be more supportive... haha

-jaani- kirjoitti...

matti and his weird poems... weird guy but i totally love him.

Destination Darkness kirjoitti...

Awww that shows that Matti is really exited :)


Claudia kirjoitti...

Sounds like subliminal advertising =D (i loved it)
Congratulations! :)
a little bit more...and it's done! :)
-Claudia (Mexico) :P
Hope you remember me :)

K.I. kirjoitti...

Matti ... that was cool.

Your a cool dude.

Jaani's jealous cause he can't write poems ... he only does Sudoku.

-jaani- kirjoitti...

indeed. i know nothing about writing.
now we just need to wait for matti's first poem book.

K.I. kirjoitti...

I'd buy it :D

But I would never play Sudoku against you.

Destination Darkness kirjoitti...

Matti you should open a new blog and write down your poems there :)

I'd buy his poem book XD

matti kirjoitti...

Thank you! I must say.
Now I know what I'll do if I need a new career! =)

-jaani- kirjoitti...

maybe we should put somekinda matti's poem corner on the new website?
or eväsnurkka?