sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2008

Singing in the rain

The sky is grey and it's been raining heavily since last evening. But we don't mind because we're inside the studio, wohoo! And guess what - we're singing!!! Oh yes, Jaani finally got his voice back and he's singing over there at the moment. I'm sitting on the sofa watching Jools Holland and waiting for my turn. We've also been recording some backing vocals with Matti and tonight I'm gonna do one more song. Hopefully I won't fall asleep before that..

Oh! Björk! In Jools Holland. What a nice surprise! She's one of my favorite artists.

We also had a band rehearsal today. We're playing at the Mama Trash Festival on Friday. We hope to see many of you there! :)

We were supposed to do a "studio food today" report with Matti but he left already. So you will get only my report. So.

Food in the Studio. AKA What I ate today. Part one.
- pasta with tomato-basil-mushroom-paprika-onion-garlic sauce (home-made!) and some parmesan on top (this has really been my all-time studio food highlight!)
- raspberry-cranberry juice
- candies (I had my candy day today)
- an orange (still in the fridge)
- apple-cinnamon tea with honey
- yoghurt (still in the fridge) 

I hope Jaani will be ready soon because I'm staaaartiing to...Fa l l... As leeE E...pp.. ZZzzz


P.S. Tomorrow we're gonna make a Very Important Decision. 
So stay tuned.. 

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Angie kirjoitti...

Nice to hear that jaanis voice is back ...

Björk is a wonderful singer. I love her music too.

pasta with tomato-basil-mushroom-paprika-onion-garlic sauce that sounds realy goooood :-D

Take care

sabena kirjoitti...

I actually like it when the sky is a dark overcast and there's heavy rain!
It reminds me of an approaching thunder storm settling in for a gloomy depression... for the mama trash festival,...sigh. putting aside financial costs, i have a final exam on that day anyways. -_-
Promise us you'll have fun though! (no duh)

And I’m glad you're eating least someone is following a proper, healthy diet...the "someone else" should learn from you Anu! well, now they can thanks to the "studio food" report!
anyways, get some good sleep once you're done for me, i'm taking my own advice and will be hitting the hay after three blinks...

Beth kirjoitti...

That's so good to hear that Jaani's voice is back, I hope he stays healthy through the rest of the week. Same for everyone really. :) I wish I could get to Trash Fest, but alas, there's the Atlantic holding me back. But if you're planning a Trash Fest II stateside (somewhere between Memphis and Boston specifically), I'd be more than happy to attend. haha. Good luck with the decision making today!

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Very Important Decision sounds very, very fatal and important. We'll be seeing in the Trash Fest IF everything goes according to plan. Damn accordions.

Anu kirjoitti...

Well, the others WERE quite jealous of my delicious pasta ;D

I just heard that Björk is coming to Finland in July, oh joy!!!!!

Oh, don't blame the accordions, they're just innocent sweet instruments.. ;)


Turtzik kirjoitti...

What else to blame than inanimate objects?

Anu kirjoitti...

stupid ignorant people
the others

just to name a few.. ;)

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Actually "stupid ignorant people" are the only ones to blame, because the rest is a result of their actions and greed.

sabena kirjoitti...

mm hm...yup yup...indeed.
this could go into an interesting debate!

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Sab, weren't you supposed to be sleeping?

sabena kirjoitti...


yes, yes.

see, i went to the washroom..did my stuff..came back...forgot to shut off the comp...decided to check my email work sched anyways...then decided to pay a final visit here.

now i'm off to bed! so if you don't mind..
Good Night! ...really.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

yes i heard it ...björk wonderful.i hope that i have the chance to see her sometime here in germany..i love her.

-jaani- kirjoitti...

I have a ticket to Björk concert!!!!

I just came from Stockholm and I am back in the studio later today and pretty much 24/7 for the next two weeks...