keskiviikko 6. helmikuuta 2008


Those of you (specially Finnish ones) who are interested in seeing me talking about my last year's Master's thesis - videogame music - should watch Tilt.TV on SubTv this week. Yesterday was already the first showing but SubTv is showing the reruns today, Saturday and Sunday. And tomorrow there should be a longer version of the interview on their website (that all non Finns can watch too :) But it's in Finnish so maybe there's no point..) Choose Tilt.WebTv on the left and then the episode is 03-08 and my part is called GAMESTYLE.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


Ps. Our rehearsals are going great and we'll have some really great songs for the rest of the album! Can't wait to get to the studio!!!

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Erica kirjoitti...

Big congrats Anu and I'll check it out just to watch you in all your goddess rock glory!
And maybe learn some new Finnish words haha ;)

Rock on and love the updates!
Have a great weekend everyone

Beth kirjoitti...

That's awesome Anu! I'm going to watch it too. :) Can't wait to see more studio time.

- Beth

Beth kirjoitti...

Hey Anu, I just watched it. Couldn't understand a word of it but you looked great! Were you discussing your thesis or there mostly as an expert?

Anu kirjoitti...

Kind of both. :) They wanted me to talk about video game music because I've made a research about that, and I made this categorizing thing in my thesis so I mostly talked about that. (about how you can hear different kind of music in different parts of the games: opening music, backround music, music in animated "movie" scenes, fighting scenes, win/lose-music and ending music)

Beth kirjoitti...

Ahh, very cool. Is your masters in music then?

Anu kirjoitti...

Musicology actually. It belongs to Faculty of Arts at the university. (Master of Arts is the name of the degree I did)

Beth kirjoitti...

Oooh, that sounds like a really cool field. I'm realizing I'm probably going to have to get a masters at some point as well. Should've thought of it earlier. haha.