perjantai 29. helmikuuta 2008

290208 Drums and some swedish rock.

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Beth kirjoitti...

Yay new video! It's good to see everyone back at work, including Keke. haha. You wouldn't be able to satisfy my photo curiosity and tell me what kind of camera he uses would you?

On a completely different note, did you get your hair cut Jaani? I cut mine today and the stylist actually has heard of you guys since her ex-fiance's band has toured Europe a few times. She gave me her email so I'm going to forward her the web addresses. :)

Erica kirjoitti...

Play that funky music!

What song was that playing in the sounds really good

and oh Xena!

I love Iconcrash teases and goodies

ivett kirjoitti...

Very good to see you again there!!:)

Turtzik kirjoitti...

I can barely wait for the album. Last year on the 21st of April, which was my b-day, I saw you guys live for the first time, and on 18th of April I'll get to see you again. Iconcrash reminds me of my birthday, and that's not a bad thing.

-jaani- kirjoitti...

A birthday band from hell... Keke is using Canon EOS ??? I will ask him next time he will be around. Today or tomorrow.
The soundtracks is. The Cardigans: Lone Gone Before Daylight. Pretty damn amazing album.

Erica kirjoitti...

Birthday band from Hell...I think you just came up with the best video idea LOL
Or t-shirt idea ;)

Oh the Cardigans...good inspiration music.

I hope you all get to take Xena with you on tours LOL

Have a great weekend...and no rest for the wicked or the weary LOL