keskiviikko 27. helmikuuta 2008

Back in business.

Jihaa!!!! Tomorrow we are finally back in studio. Last night we had last rehearsals together and even mighty mr Eräkangas was there checking out the new tunes.

From tomorrow we will spend something like two months at the studio and then the album should be ready. Oh yeah... I hope Xena is ready for the action again. Ok she looked ok yesterday when we were there and I might go there tonite too to try few ideas on the songs we recorded in the last sessions.

Ok... These pics are not from yesterday they are from Sunday when Anu and Matti were sick. Well Anu is still sick. Poor girl...

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Angie kirjoitti...

You are back in studio...that sounds realy good :D
good luck for that time and the Album.
Get well soon to Anu...

take care Angie

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Damn, great to hear that you're back in business! And get well soon Anu!

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

I like the pic of Nosturi.

Did Keke? do the pics?

-jaani- kirjoitti...

Yes it feels sooo good to be back here. we are working with some mixes to day and tomorrow we will bring our backline here and start sound checking the drums and stuff like that. Saturday will be the first recording day.
It was sir Keke yes. We have been talking about releasing a book about the recording processand it would be full of these Kekes pics of course. Whole process of course including Video shoots and stuff like that.

Beth kirjoitti...

Yay for studio time and double yay for a book! Oh man, I'd be all over that. Full bleed black and white photos . . . mmm. Love it. And of course the process too, I think that'd be a really fun project for you all. I hope Anu's feeling better soon, about half my school still seems to be sick as well.

Have fun, can't wait to hear more. :)
- Beth

-jaani- kirjoitti...

I am really excited about the book idea too. lets hope it is possible to organize.

Erica kirjoitti...

Sorry to read that the lovely Anu isn't feeling well. Lots of tea and soup thoughts and hope she gets better soon
I think everyone has been touched by this bug that is going around.

Very nice photos and always love to see them and Keke has a great eye!

Also very happy to see the creative juices flowing again
Rock on!

I love all this because it means IC fans will get lots of goodies in the future.