torstai 20. maaliskuuta 2008

Moog madness.

I should start singing like today, but surprise I am sick again... Fuck. 
Anu is still making noise with the synths but all the synths should be ready tonite
and then there is only some programming, percussion and vocals left.
it really looks like this weird album will be ready some day. 
4-6 weeks and it should be finished.

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sabena kirjoitti...
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sabena kirjoitti...

haha! it's so rare to see each of you become so playful and comical all in one video!
...especially matti's girly screech --so high pitch!-- and jaani's close encounter with a broken hip!
you have yet to reach the expected age for that disability...have patience ;)

This video truly reflects the folly among your most honest behaviours!
Thanks for such a witty illustration!


p.s. a well-done impersonation of Darth Vader and his lightsaber…& praise to Antti’s precision with Moog’s awesome sound effects!

Erica kirjoitti...

Loved the video clip and the music is sounding so good!
St. Jaani...take your vitamins and use the hand sanitizers. We're going to have to send you a care packet full of Hot Toddys, lemons, honey and chocolates.
Hugs to the Gothic Goddess!
Sounds like the band is going to be ready for the Trash Fest
Rock on!
Have a great weekend and Happy Easter to you all

May the force be with you.

sabena kirjoitti...

Good one erica on the Yoda bit! how could i have forgotten that?!

i also suggest a concoction of honey, lemon and olive oil to a hot cup of water...the latter ingredient soothes the throat like a veil.
...oh and don't forget about having a hot bowl of chicken noodle is a highly effective and universal prescription!

-jaani- kirjoitti...

I tried to start singing today but fuck fucking fuck I couldn't. Fuck... maybe chicken soup would save me now, but I haven't been eating meat in 15 years so...

Beth kirjoitti...

Tofurkey noodle soup perhaps?

Erica kirjoitti...

Haha Sabena I love the Iconcrash and Star Wars connection...and can't forget Xena. There are so many great Yoda quotes LOL

Olive oil and Honey are like magical ingredients.

St. Jaani, we gotta get those pipes clean so your wicked angelic voice can flow Daddy always suggest vinegar LOL but then whiskey seems to burn and sooth too--although too much could have a person peacefully dreaming the night away haha!

Vegetable noodle soup for the Saint.

Good suggestion Beth! :)

I had this friend who took pleasure in teasing me because I was a non-meat eater and his favorite thing to ask me was...
"have I ever heard a cabbage head scream"
Odd man ;)

Those Enochian Devices seem to want the vocals to be ready when they say so...maybe some hot spices to warn all the germs away.

Feel better soon the world is waiting

-jaani- kirjoitti...

i really need some help with my throat now.
someone said vodka and garlic combo could help.
it have to be ok in two days...

Erica kirjoitti...

I suggest try them least the outcome will either work or you'll be really drunk ;)

Sometimes gargling with warm salt water can help a lot. That's what my Mom always had us do. Salt is magical :)

I am channeling tons of get well thoughts your way ***

Maybe one of those throat sprays might help too?

humidifier work too

Hot Toddy

1 ounces Whiskey
1 ounce Honey
ounce Lemon Juice
3 ounces Water (Hot)
If you have a microwave, the easiest way to make this drink is to warm the honey and lemon juice for about half a minute and then to add hot water and the whiskey. Otherwise, we recommend that you stir the honey and lemon juice into extremely warm water, allow it to cool slightly, and add the whiskey.

Tons of hugs and healing thoughts

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

Light sabers are rad!!

sabena kirjoitti...

doesn't have to be real chicken, just chicken flavoured noodle soup...if you approve of that, i guess.
it's available in powder that you can simply add to a hot cup of water and creates a delicious broth.
the powder is most likely MSG that creates the flavour...not derived from actual chicken; it's all chemistry.
nonetheless, a hot veggie soup would do as good ;)

oh! how about trying ginger tea with a hint of honey??! ...another childhood remedy that has always worked!

-jaani- kirjoitti...

I have only wine here at home...hahaha.
I tried hot veggie soup but no it did not help.
maybe i must sacrifice my cats or something.