tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2008

Whales and stuff.

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Turtzik kirjoitti...


Loistavaa settiä, Ikonators.
Was the SP gig great? I heard that Billie growled and said that that's what they do in Norway.

How long until we get our hands on the new songs?

-jaani- kirjoitti...

Hello sir Turtiainen. SP sucked big time. First single will be hopefully out in April/May. Whole album should be ready in maybe 6 weeks.

Beth kirjoitti...

I really, really hope you let Matti go home after that. hahah. Good song though, I hope it's available as a B side on the single. haha.

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Holy shit, great! Really looking forward to it! Will there be IC shirts ready for the record's finishing, or should I try and print my own, or is that too illegal?

Erica kirjoitti...

Oh this video so made my day...which was a very icky day but bless the sperm whale song LOL

You know if IC ever wants to get fans around the age of 4 - 35 that sperm whale song would so do it LOL
Whales are cool!

Jimi Hendrix moment

I can't believe SP wasn't on their game...shame shame shame!

Loved this clip and all the hidden messages and can't wait for the new music because just the clips should so funky and I was thinking how good they would sound as video game music too. ::hint Anu hint:: Great to see the Gothic goddess!
And I would love an Iconcrash t-shirt!

Now I have a dirty riddle on my mind...What's Long, Hard, and Full of Seamen?
A submarine.

-jaani- kirjoitti...

Sure there will be new IC shirts, but I think it is very ok to your own IC shirt too.
Matti went home to Lahti so it is my turn to play guitar today an later we will start recording synths with Anu.
Submarine...hahaha. A good one.

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