sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2008


Jaani - Antti
2-3 (penalty shoot out)

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Hannah kirjoitti...

Ohh, now I wonder if you brought Matti in for his guitar skills or his dancing. ;) These videos are such a nice end to the week, I'm glad you're all still posting them. And thank goodness Xena is keeping you all in line . . .

- Beth

Iconcrash kirjoitti...


Erica kirjoitti...

Oh! I just had a fan girl moment...
I have officially developed a crush on Iconcrash.
The videos so make my day! And I can't wait to see those moves on stage ;)
And that song haha! I didn't know Iconcrash could do spiritual American Country music too.
That poor printer and lap top LOL I hope the band will give them a shout out when doing the thank yous in the cd jacket.
I have this feeling Saint Jaani could make his eyebrows go up like Mr. Spock's or the Rock LOL
That's hot!

Rock on dudes and dudettes!

Destination Darkness kirjoitti...

Oh god you should be so tired. you have to rest a lot, you dont see well and when people is tired do stupid things lol.
but anyway take care.
Janni thanks for the comment on the myspace <3

Hannah kirjoitti...

I knew it . . .

Good decision. hahah.

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

Matti is one sexy mofo when he dances ... this should be incorporated in performances.

Interpretive dancing... just a thought.


Erica kirjoitti...

Kaylin, I second that thought :)