sunnuntai 13. tammikuuta 2008

Antti had a day off so we have been doing all kinda fun here whole day. Ok rest of the guys left hours ago, but i am still here.
Listening the songs and trying new vocal ideas and all kinda stupid stuff. Lets see do what Antti will say tomorrow when he will hear all the mayhem on tape. Maybe I should take a taxi home soon.(It is 2:40am) or maybe I will walk. It is 5 km but I kinda feel like walking.
But now I will change a song... laters.

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Erica kirjoitti...

The Masters at work! That was amazing to watch. I am forever enchanted by Jaani's Voice. I also liked the different plays on 'My Sky' and the song is now echoing in my head.

Side I the only one taken over by the peek at Jaani's hair LOL Its been hiding under the beanies but wow...that means someone could headbang...maybe even do the heavy metal hair windmill ;)
Matti looks like a Jeff Buckley

I'm so looking forward to the birth of this's great to be able to watch the magic and to see the band's personality grow and the bond is looking so tight
and can we see Antti's face when he sees what the mice were doing while the cat was away?

I love Iconcrash!

Hannah V kirjoitti...

Oooh it's sounding really good. :) And so cool to see how it's done, I always like seeing people in the midst of their work and how they experiment. I was surprised at Jaani's hair too, I had no idea it was so long. And I see a suspicious lack of a goatee. ;) I'm all for some headbanging, yes indeed. And oh Matti with that guitar and voice . . . my oh my. haha. I'm greatly looking forward to the rehearsals, things look like they're melding and coming together quite nicely.

Good luck to you all and get some rest while you can. ;)

Iconcrash kirjoitti...

Let's see what big A thinks about the stuff. Tomorrow we will play the stuff to our record label people so let's see what they say. Really interesting indeed...

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

*hehe* heavy metal hair windmill, awesome!!

Great video, I really like this one!

I want to get my hair done like Anu's , it looks so cool!

And dealing with record label people ... makes me nervous :(

Iconcrash:Enochian Devices kirjoitti...

People from our label are really nice. Thank god.
We will still do one more day even tho we were meant to be ready yesterday. I hope we will ready tomorrow...