perjantai 4. tammikuuta 2008


Vocals. Vocals. Vocals. Editing. Editing. Editing.
Eating. Medicating. 
Freezing. Meditating. 

A video to brighten up your day!

To be continued..


5 kommenttia:

Erica kirjoitti...

Thank you for posting the new updates. I have gotten into the habit of checking the blog for goodies and it's great to see Jaani doing his part. I don't think I've ever seen the singer laying down--kind of looks like he's on the ceiling and awesome vocal enchantments going on.
Iconcrash makes great musical soup
hope all the 'ill' band members are feeling better and I'm very much looking forward to the cd after watching the making of it.
Rock n Roll in its pure form!

I'll be checking back same Bat time and same Bat channel ;)

Hannah kirjoitti...

Ohh Jaani, I hope you don't mind me saying it, but your goatee reminds me of Axl Rose's. ;)

Erica kirjoitti...

Haha! I was secretly pondering that same thing LOL

Iconcrash kirjoitti...

Ok... I will shave it. He is not maybe my fav guy in the world.
It might take some time, but I will...

Hannah V kirjoitti...

Ohh you don't have to, just an observation. ;) Is that your natural hair color then?