maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2008

Gear list and Jaani says:" Oh my god how beautiful day it is. Mommy can I go out and kill somebody?"

Hello children!!! Here we are editing vocals and playing acoustic guitars with Antti. We are both totally dead and we were thinking that maybe we should stop working tonite 00:00 already and go home and maybe even try to sleep. It might do some good. I should still sing few backing vocal tracks and little stuff like that and tomorrow we start mixing this shit. We should have five tracks ready this week. Not the final mixes but raw mixes.
I have listed gear we have used so far on the album.
Laters folks!

Enochian Devices Recording Gear So Far:

Roland: Juno-60, Alpha Juno 2, JX-3P, JX-305, V-Synth GT, XV-5080
Ensoniq: ASR-10, SQ-10
Yamaha: DX-7, Motif 6, QY-100, S-80, CS1X
Access: Virus Indigo
Korg: Mikrokorg, 03R/W
Clavia: Nordlead2, Nord Stage, Nordwave, Nord Modular
Moog: Little Phatty
Casio: CZ-1000
Hohner: String Performer
Novation: SuperNova, Bass Station

Software synths:
Native Intsruments: Absynth 2, FM7, Pro-53, Korg , Virus Indigo, Propellerhead Reason 2,

Yamaha Grand Piano
Yamaha U-3 Piano

Electric guitars:
Flaxwood: Iconcrasher/Crusifix Custom, Liekki, Rec
Gibson: Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Studio, SG Standard
Fender: Stratocaster x 2, Telecaster x 2, Baritone Special, Toronado
Ibanez: Artcore AFS 75T
J&D: Les Paul
Yamaha: Iceman-67, AES 820
Danelectro: Baritone
Gretch: Silver Jet, Electromatic Silver Spark
ESP Custom Shop Les Paul, LTD Viper-500, X-Tone DC-2
Eko: Double Neck
Epiphone: Riviera Jorma Kaukonen, Sheraton

Acoustic guitars:
Yamaha F-310, Yamaha DW-10, K Yairi DY-90
Yamaha 12-string

Laboga: Mr.Hector, Alligator, Studio Reverb
Sound City 120
Marshall: 1620 Bluesbreaker, JCM 900, Jubilee 2555
Seymour and Duncan: 84-40
Crate: Vintage Club 50, GX-15
Mesa Boogie: Stiletto Ace, Roadster, Triple Rectifier
Roland: Jazz Chorus-160
Zvex: Nano Amp
Line6: Flextone HD
Laney : GH100, Supergroup 60W
Selmer: Zodiac 50
Fender: Hot Rod Blues Junior

Stramp: 4x12
Soldano 2x12
Marshall 2x JCM 800 1960 A 4x12, 1960 AC 4x12
2 x Laboga 4x12 Vintage 30
Mesa Boogie: Rectifier Standard 4x12

Zvex: Fuzz Factory, Fuzz Factory (Vexter series), Woolly Mammoth, Oh Wah, Wah Probe
Boss: OC-2, OC-3, SD-1, DS-2, DS-1, PH-2, CE-3, DD-3, DD-5, TR-2, DC-2, FZ-2, BF-2, SYB-5
ProCo: Rat, Brat
Danelectro:Fab Chorus, Tuna Melt, Wasabi
Ibanez: Black Noise
Marshall:Shred Master
Electro Harmonix: Flanger Hoax, Micro Synthesizer, Big Muff PI, Holy Grail, Small Stone, Small Clone, Soul Preacher, Electric Mistress Deluxe, Doctor Q,Worm
Digitech: Whammy, Bad Monkey
Zoom: UF-01
Colorsound: Tone-Bender Fuzz
Roger Mayer: FuzzFace
Line-6: DM-4, FM-4, POD
Korg: Kaoss Pad
Bespeco: Weeper
Native Instruments:Guitar Rig 2
Behringer: V-Amp
Effector 13: Truly Beautiful Disaster
Moog: Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
Vox: Wahwah

16 kommenttia:

Erica kirjoitti...

Father Jaani,
Wowsers! That's a lot of toys and I'm very happy you listed them because I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of people wondering how you got that sound.

I didn't think you all slept...maybe just rest your eyes--like the Irin ;)
Sweet dreams

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

I'm voting kill someone and then sleep.

But take a shower first, blood has a tendency to gunk up!

And the killing might make for a more restful sleep ... or so I've been told.


Iconcrash kirjoitti...

I killed some random people, but still couldn't get sleep. There aren't just enough hours in my days.

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

Then there is no hope ... let the insomnia insanity begin!!!

Just don't forget to hide the bodies properly ...

Iconcrash:Enochian Devices kirjoitti...

I eat the bodies with cream and honey.

Erica kirjoitti...

Eww...protein is protein but then I heard that if you get too many bodies your skin will turn green...

but I have a question...if you eat people can you still be a vegetarian?

More video games = rest and release :)

I can think of another form of release LOL


Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

Awesome you win this one Janni.

I've thought of eating bodies with BBQ or maybe Tabasco sauce, but NEVER cream and honey.

Actually, I'm not sure why but that's kind of romantic ...

Humm food for thought?

Ya Erica getting lade works too :)

But sometimes you have to kill ...

Edgar Harold kirjoitti...

i now hoave a blog love nicky.x.

Iconcrash kirjoitti...

Damn.. I left my MacBook on camera mood for whole night....It have been filming here for hours and hours.
I should shoot something today and send you a new video.

Hannah V kirjoitti...

Or you could post that and say you were having an Andy Warhol moment . . .

Erica kirjoitti...

Did you catch any ghosts or fairies or David Hasselhoff on the camera? LOL

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

OK Erica I need to hear the story about harry-chested David Hasselhoff.

Cause that's got to be a good story :)

I am just picturing him waking across the screen like some kind of big harry Bigfoot ;)

(with the ghost of Elvis and the Sugar Plumb fairy of course)

Iconcrash:Enochian Devices kirjoitti...

David H?

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

I have no idea how David Hasselhoff plays into this.

Maybe Erica is having weird 80's porno fantasies involving David H.

At least that's what he reminds me of ... I really have no idea ;)

But if he does show up anywhere on these videos I'd get an Exorcist.

Iconcrash kirjoitti...

David is our biggest inspiration and a fountain of goth.

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

Seriously David Hasselhoff?

I have to say I'm a little worried about this Janni. Have you seen "Knight Rider" or "Bay Watch"?

But, who am I to judge... If you're finding some sort of goth/satanic inspiration in David H go with it.

Have you considered styling your hair like his as a tribute?