perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2008

We are now mixing Strange, Strange Dark Star and tomorrow we will sing My Sky vocal tracks and on tuesday starts a rehearsal break. It will be something like 3 weeks.
We well try to learn how to play the songs of the session. We haven't quite decided yet what songs are next on the line, but for sure we will record Between Light And Nowhere, Sixty Seconds and Faith. I quess we will do also The Mission and Insecurity.
We will see. We will shoot footage from the rehearsals too so you will be informed.

Here is some video footage from the last few days:

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Erica kirjoitti...

Ahhh! Xena abuse...I'm so reporting you all to the International Association of Xena Haha!
Love the video clip and very happy to read that SSDS and My Sky are next on the list. And a band rehearsal woohoo!
Sending tons of rock it to the top vibes to the band
Emily sings like an angel
Hugs to the band and all the Iconcrash fans...even the lurkers ;)
(birthday girl)

Erica kirjoitti...


Iconcrash:Enochian Devices kirjoitti...

Happy birthday then!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah kirjoitti...

Maybe Ose has been in the studio a little too long . . .


Woo Lars! I'm looking forward to seeing the rehersals. Will Xena be singing back up as well?

Iconcrash:Enochian Devices kirjoitti...

I think Zena will stay here protecting our files.
If Ose can live without her.