lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2008


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Erica kirjoitti...

Ah! I get it...that is a musical spaceship you are all on and Antti is in the captain seat.

Love the peek at the mix of the song and Jaani voice...amazing and to be sick too. Was that Ose and Anu :)

Look forward to the next peek and thank you.
Much love from a humble Earthling

Destination Darkness kirjoitti...

Hello I love Iconcrash music, i really think that the next cd will be really good.
I hope so
Greetins from Venezuela

Erica kirjoitti...

Welcome to the blog Destination Darkness...happy to get to see other fans enjoying it.

I hope you got to check out the band's myspace page and visit them over on the Iconcrash message board too :)

and the forum...

Have a great day!