sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2007

Hanging Around

Sunday. Studio. Some of us having a hangover. But not me - oh no! I spent my Saturday evening at home like a good citizen, playing Guitar Hero II (got my first five star review!) and reading Star Wars comics plus enjoying my nice longlasting irritating flue. And I still am. And that's why I've been trying to stay away from the others in the studio that they don't get this ANNOYING FLUE too!!!

Today's Business Shortly: HariboMatti has been playing the guitar, AnttiTheSuperProducer has been recording that, CameraKeke has been taking pictures, JaaniTheTraveller has been making the video you can see here and I've been making some arrangements (that maybe end up to our album. Or not.) and watched Gilmore girls (the seventh season is SUCH a disappointment..). And everyone has been eating and eating and eating. I think the boys are getting pizzas soon because it's Pizza Sunday. I rebelled and had already Chinese Sunday.

I'm just waiting and waiting and waiting to get to play the keyboards... But next week maybe. Next week.


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chio kirjoitti...

sorry to hear that you are still sick anu.. but any way hope you'll get well soon...over here we take beer with salt and lemon , But I have this friend from Finland that tought that it was just too in case you wanna try something you can try that, the true is that it doesn't make too much for you but it's

hope you get better

Erica kirjoitti...

Hello Anu,
Sorry to read that you are under the weather and not feeling well. Sending tons of hugs and veggie soup your way. Feel better and I bet it'll be great when you get into the studio and add your magic to the mix. Awesome job on the Guitar Hero!
Tons of hugs and when I read these blogs I get hungry LOL Pizza and Chinese LOL

My mom use to make hot Toddies which was Whiskey, Lemon and Honey and was served heated up...LOL Sure did make a person sleep well--I didn't get this version until I was much older ;)
Hugs and I'm a big Gilmore Girls fan :)