lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2007

Back again - Selkä taas !

So - here we are again! Or have been couple of days already. I'm starting to feel better but Jaani is still sick and can't sing. And that sucks because the vocals are the main thing we should be doing now. Ose was here yesterday playing something.. umm.. dunno exactly what. ;D Jesse is at home in bed enjoying quite high fever - so we're all more or less feeling not-so-ok. Hopefully next year will be better for us..  And of course it will because WE'RE GONNA RELEASE OUR KICK ASS ALBUM!!! 

Antti is so exited about 24's 6th season that he's watching it all the time and NEGLECTING HIS WORK! Addictions can hurt you and the people around you..


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Erica kirjoitti...

I’m very happy to see new logs of the Enochian Devices studio time…it would be funny if you all started the logs like Captain Kirk on Star Trek ;)

Anu, Very good news you are feeling better but sad that Jaani and everyone else are still under the weather. I send tons of cyber soup and fruit your way :)
Get better and just think Led Zeppelin recorded the Presence album with Robert Plant in a body cast…channel the powers of Xena but after watching the last video clip with Ose please wash her off and maybe use some disinfectants just teasing LOL

Respect Xena ;)
Feel better everyone

2008 will be the year of Iconcrash!

Hannah V kirjoitti...

This just must be the week of sickness, even my poor cat is sick. :( I hope you're all feeling better soon. I can't help with Kirk vibes but maybe I can pass on some Spock vibes since I met the man. haha. Yay for new blogs. :)

- Beth