sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2007

Today I suffer. I visited Tallinn (Estonia) yesterday and I think there have been something wrong with my drink, because I feel really sick...

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Erica kirjoitti...

Ohh no Jaani we can't have you not feeling well. No more "magic drinks" for you. Hope you feel better...and eat some bananas :)
We might have to lock the band in the studio LOL

Hannah kirjoitti...

I really, really have to stop watching these when I'm in the library. Hahah. That last little song is immaculate, I think it could be a single all on its own. ;) I wish I could understand the one part about the sandwich but I have a guess what it was about. Might be completely wrong though. haha.

Hope you're feeling better Jaani
- Beth

Erica kirjoitti...

Oh my gosh! I just had an air head moment...I didn't realize that was a video I thought it was a photo til' you said something Beth then I got it LOL I loved that had me laughing so much I have tears...

I so think there are ghosts in that studio--maybe they are drawn to the band because of the music LOL and thank you for the song...'We're in the studio 666' will that be on the next cd too?

Poor Anu...we need to send her a whip to keep you naughty ones in line.

That sandwich was very strange looking...and Beth I think we're both thinking the same thing haha! eww LOL
Party like a Rock Star!
I'm taking notes.

Hannah V kirjoitti...

Aww Erica, haha. I was wondering why you didn't mention the song. I'm glad you caught it though and watched it. :) Ohh I wouldn't be surprised if we were thinking the same thing. hahah. Thank god you guys started making videos, they're too funny. And yep, maybe that'll be our collective Christmas present to the band, a whip for Anu. haha. That'd look badass with the dreads.

Anu kirjoitti...

Oh yes!!! A whip is INDEED something I need! It would be so handy when we're touring too. :D

"Ok boys, time to GET UP and GO! *whsoohh*
"And now to the soundcheck, hurry up!" *whatoosshh*

:D :D :D :D :D

ddddd kirjoitti...

Hey guys,Jaani looks very tired are you ok?i seem you are stressed,Anu you look good,and Matti so funy and beautiful,hehe so good work!

ddddd kirjoitti...

Jaani you get better soon please

Kaylin I. kirjoitti...

A whip for Anu?

I will put money in for that!

Just let me know :)

Iconcrash:Enochian Devices kirjoitti...

I feel very good now. ok i have flue and fever, but songs are going forward all the time. we are now recording anu's synth tracks here and eating toblerone.

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Toblerone, the ambrosia of ships in the Baltic sea. Maybe the next time I see you guys play I can give Anu a whip - it's a remnant of my wild youth, so don't get any funny ideas.

There are satanic signs everywhere, and the prayer of "Spiritus Fortus" will keep them at bay. Hopefully. I'll have to test it before I give it my blessings.

Erica kirjoitti...

LOL wouldn't it be funny if Iconcrash become the S&M band and fans toss whips and things on stage instead of bras and undies LOL

Ohh I keep things from my youth too but mostly because I never know when I might need them again ;)

Jaani, Glad you are feeling better...must keep that voice in top form. Tea?

Toblerone...oh I want some. Sounds like something that would be come a guilty pleasure for me LOL

I have a request for a cover song...
Whip it by Devo?
or Let it Whip by Dazz Band
Hugs and lets whip it baby haha!