torstai 13. joulukuuta 2007


Hi folks,
I'm at dynasty studios with Jaani. We're starting to produce some amazing sounds from our guitars. That's fine, coz I've been trying to reach my inner princess to make this session so big that after 1000 years people on the street will talk about this day.  My motional condition is very good, and some might say that it's perfect. Ok, seriously. I hope that we get something on tape tonight. The studio it self is great and the feelings of the songs will be captured here perfectly. I'm almost finished with my banana so I have to end this break and get back to work. So I'll tell you later how this magnificent day went. 

4 kommenttia:

Erica kirjoitti...

Thank you for posting the blog and updates. It is amazing to be able to read about how the new cd is forming and developing. Tons of blessings on the band's creative juices. I can not wait to have the cd in my player.

Erica kirjoitti...

PS: Just had to ask...Inner Princess? and Bananas?
Rock n' Roll!

Hannah V kirjoitti...

I always knew princesses and bananas made the rock world go round. ;)

Nice to see you around Matti. :)

Erica kirjoitti...

Hannah v...I so agree :)
Led Zeppelin was all about the inner diva and the big banana ;)
Good to see it is still alive in music today.
Very healthy and keeps the headaches away!