sunnuntai 23. joulukuuta 2007


Anu just left home and we are freaking out with the sounds with Antti. I have my old beloved PC here now too and I am raping some stuff there and then import that stuff to Pro Tools. I just didn't remember how evil that little computer can be. Well you know PC:s... I should continue singing in few minutes. We started with "Eye Of The Storm" last night and we should continue with it and then maybe start with "Sleeper". Tomorrow I meet santa( I hope) and we are back here 26.12. again...


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Erica kirjoitti...

I love that video and I'm very happy you all are sharing the moment in Iconcrash history with us. I feel like we are getting a treat. It's amazing to watch the process. Shame on that evil computer put it in it's place LOL
Has Strange Strange Dark Star been done yet?
Antti rocks!
I wonder what Santa will being Jaani and all the good Iconcrash members?
They have all been angels so I'm sure it won't be coal.
Rock and Roll and may the gods of the studio-- Xena and Metallica bless you all!

Turtzik kirjoitti...

Was that the legendary E-Bow that ran out of battery in April, at the gig in Joensuu?

Wishing the band a merry Yule and peaceful moments with your loved ones.

Hannah kirjoitti...

Somewhere, some place, there is a photo of Robert Plant with his hair awfully similar to how you had yours at the end Jaani. Someday I will find that photo . . .

Merry Christmas to all of Iconcrash!