lauantai 22. joulukuuta 2007

Morning Glory

Saturday morning. New day, new tricks. We've been recording the keyboards for 3 days now so I've finally got into work, wohoo! :) Still haven't got rid of the flue though.. But that hasn't kept us away from creating some WonDeRfuL sounds to our songs which now sound better than ever! (at least that's my opinion)

I have 2 new best friends: beautiful red Nordwave synth (that you can see on the video) and Roland V-synth. I'm trying to figure out how to steal them for myself...

Ok, now I have to get back to work, Jaani is yelling something.. I'll update more later! Bye!

3 kommenttia:

Iconcrash:Enochian Devices kirjoitti...

Oh, and that was me of course. :)


Erica kirjoitti...

I'm very happy to read that Anu is getting to add her magic to the mix and from the looks of the video it is going well...wooohoo keep it rolling and recording.

Anu, I hope you feel better soon and drink lots of hot tea and lemons. Maybe that is the key you have to be a little sick to create LOL I have a friend who gets sicker than a doggie before each show LOL

Have you named your new best friends? I'm sure they would rather go home with you.

Does Jaani yell a lot? Like he has the whip or something? LOL ;)

Just whistle while you work
When hearts are high the time will fly So whistle while you work
haha for some reason Snow White pop' in my head.

Rock n' Roll!

Iconcrash:Enochian Devices kirjoitti...

No, he doesn't yell, not really. I'm definitely the one with the whip ;D

I'm drinking hot tea and juice and taking medicine every second hour, but I think I really need to get some rest if I want to get rid of the flue..