maanantai 17. joulukuuta 2007

escaping the demons

I woke up today and realized one thing...
...some strange things have started to happen to me after those videos that we made from the studio. I'm pretty sure that we pushed the joke too far, coz every note i've gotten out from my guitar has been diatonic. and the right term for the interval is "diabolus in musica" ...oh my... is there explanation for these things?

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Erica kirjoitti...

It always starts with a joke ;)
Perhaps you are channeling Niccolo Paganini or Jimmy Page? I think a ritual might be needed...Light candles and eat bananas.
What ever happens it is in the name of Rock n' Roll...
Do you have a princess crown?
For those about to rock!

Hannah V kirjoitti...

Oh my god, I almost put the AC/DC song For Those About to Rock or whatever its called in the song dedications thread on the board. haha.

Isn't there a history of bananas and the evil music of the dark lords? ;)Jimmy Page was on a diet of banana daquiris in the late 70s wasn't he? So maybe it was the banana's fault really. We should ask Jimmy . . .

(I swear at some point Erica and I will keep our discussions to one website. haha.)

- Beth

ddddd kirjoitti...

Are you sure Matti?that is very weird